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Discover Unique & Artistic Glass from Popular & Emerging Glass Artists. This California startup is changing the way cannabis consumers discover artistic functional glass at amazing prices while consistently delivering over 3x the value you pay for any box.

Our California Based product development team works hard to partner with new Artists and US Glass Companies to deliver the most unique glass in the world.


Our industry leading customer service
Every Box ships within 24hrs
Dedication to supporting US Glass Artists and Glass Companies.
We do not order online.
Best Box Value for your dollar
Variety of unique Glass in every box level
Cutting edge smoking accessories and included box items you wont find anywhere else.

All Killer No Filler

1) Pick your Box

First—select your Box -  OG Box, Pandora Box, Olympus Box .

Valued at more than 3x above cost, all three of our options meet the highest standards of any cannabis enthusiast. There is no other company delivering glass products with the same quality or pedigree. PERIOD!

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We want to know more about you! Fill out the smoker profile and fill in some info telling us a bit about the kind of smoker you are along with some likes and interests!

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We boast the fastest shipping in the industry. Every box ships within 24 hours from time of order, with 3-5 day delivery anywhere in the USA. We ship discreetly for your privacy.

Other than up to 70% off retail?? 

We support and partner with popular and upcoming artists, US Glass companies and small business owners to bring you the finest quality glass, accessories craftsmanship available here in the United States. 

Based in Southern California , our product development team partners with over 100 U.S.-based artists and small businesses. 

You’ll also find heady carb caps, bubble caps, and dab tools, Unique dab mats, bong mats, custom bangers, bowls, and the most cutting-edge accessories on the market!
Artisan made glass
All glass and accessories are sourced here in the United States
Up to 70% off retail value!
Ships in 24hrs
Delivered in 3-5 days
Handled safely with care by our awesome hygienic staff
Discreet Shipping
You also get to support small businesses

Every box is packed by hand and crafted with only YOU, the serious smoker, in mind!

Take a look at our 3 box designs you can choose from.

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