Frequently Asked Questions

When Do I Receive My First Box?

Orders are processed in 1 Business Day

Will I receive a tracking number?

Yes, an email with your tracking number will be sent to you after your purchase.

How Do I Track My Order?

All packages are shipped through USPS, and you can track your package with the number sent to you by email. Also, enter your tracking number on their website:

When will I receive my first box?

US members normally receive their box in 3 days but can take up to 5 days after it is shipped
Canada Members normally receive their box 5-7 days after it is shipped
Mexico Members normally receive their box in 5-7 days after it is shipped.

Do you ship on weekends?

Yes, we ship on weekends.

Can I change my renewal date?

Yes, by logging into your account from the home page top right corner or email us to change your renewal date

What Comes In My Box?

Every box comes with a unique set of items every month! Items change every month.

If I am a current member when does my box ship every month?

Your box will ship within 1 business day of your renewal every month! If you have special requests for your box, this is to allow our team sufficient time to pack your box to your request.

How long would it take to refund my money if I wanted to cancel?

Although we are sad to see you go, refunds are processed within 48 hours.

How Often Are Rigs Sent Versus Bongs?

It is about 50/50. We always try and give a variety.

If I Wanted A Specific Glass Piece, Can I Buy It Through You?

Yes. We sell our Glass in our online shop

What Is Your Cancellation Policy?

You may cancel at any time by logging into your account or emailing us at